Artist, Garden Designer, Botanical Watercolorist, Horticulturalist, Calligrapher, Poet


Wayne David Hand, self-taught in art and design, began painting in 1963 when only three years old and began drafting at the age of twelve. Growing up near Portland, Oregon
gave him exposure to Chinese and Japanese art which was an early influence on his work. Throughout his life, he has continued to be influenced by the Golden Age of each and every
culture and he never stops marveling at the great achievements reflected in these periods. He has a love of Natural History and his paintings and design are heavily influenced by plants and flowers. This is congruent with his many achievements in garden and landscape design. His formal education in theology and philosophy provided a solid, albeit subtle, foundation for his multiple talents. All his work reflects his unique and masterfully executed vision of beauty, harmony and proportion in perfect balance.

A true renaissance man; a fascinating, passionate designer who believes that it his ”job is to manifest his clients dreams”. With significant elements of classic design, layered with historical narratives and stylistic details Wayne creates stunning and unique results. Walking through a garden or down a staircase designed by Wayne is enchanting, the incredible level of the attention to detail is breathtaking and are a testament to his life-long study of Art, Architecture and Horticulture.


“Wayne’s genius begins with his vision.

He sees how it needs to be for the client

and then proceeds to make it happen.”

-S.R. M. (client, patron)


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